Published on January 24, 2009, by

You’ve probably felt the sting of overpriced cables at some time or another. Stores know that when the family is waiting at home to try out that new DVD player, you’ll likely be willing to pay through the nose for a set of Radio Shack’s $30 component video cables. And the less said about Best Buy’s $100 Monster brand HDMI cables the better.

You don’t have to fall for it, though. As usual, the Internet can save you tons of cash if you’re willing to wait a day or two (or better yet — plan ahead) when you need that all-important cable or obscure connector. For some more common cables you could do a lot worse than Amazon, which offers decent prices and free or cheap shipping. But the real deals are found at, the online mecca for super-cheap, good quality cables. Unlike most brick and mortar stores, Monoprice carries even the most obscure connectors and cables in just about any length you could possibly need without stringing three smaller ones together. And while the site’s enormous selection can be a bit overwhelming, once you’ve drilled down to the cable you want and seen the price you’ll feel like you’ve won a huge victory — if only for your wallet.