Published on September 18, 2008, by

If you’re planning to buy digital converter boxes for your TVs (or your parents’ TVs) before the February 2009 deadline, the good news is that Amazon makes it easy to do online without having to drive around looking for the DTV boxes in stock.

First, if you haven’t yet ordered your government-funded $40 discount coupons, you can do that here.

Then, just visit this Amazon DTV Conterter Box Coupon page, enter the numbers off your coupons, and shop for converter boxes online with free shipping. It sure beats dealing with Best Buy and the like.

Finally, if you’re still confused by the whole digital TV process and not sure whether you should care, be sure to check out our previous entry explaining everything you need to know about the digital TV changeover — including some free and nearly free alternatives to expensive monthly TV bills.