Published on October 10, 2005, by

WootI must admit I’m a bit addicted to Woot, a funky online store with an even funkier business model. Just don’t look for store categories or product comparison tools. They sell just one thing at a time, and each night at midnight Central U.S. time a new product goes on sale. If it sells out — and many items do — the sale is over. But either way that day’s Woot gets replaced the next night and the process repeats. The products skew geeky (speakers, MP3 players, cameras), but the Wootsters aren’t afraid to throw in a lemonade maker or the infamous Bag O’ Crap (a bag of God-knows-what for a penny plus shipping). And even if you don’t end up buying, the wacky product descriptions and raucous discussion forums are worth the trip.

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