Published on October 12, 2005, by

Netflix logoIf you’re a Netflix customer I don’t have to tell you how awesome it is, and if you’re not you may think you can’t justify spending 18 bucks a month for the standard membership plan. But in asking around I realized that plenty of folks — including current members — didn’t notice that a few months back Netflix added several plans that go as low at $10 per month. So if you’re a current member and feeling wasteful when you leave a couple discs on the coffee table for two weeks without watching them, you may be better off downgrading. Just click on “Your Account” then “Change Membership” to see the various plans. And new customers can now sign up at any price level — not just the standard 3-at-a-time plan. Not exactly an insider tip, but it’s a good way to shave a few bucks off your monthly expenses without giving up a great service.